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Stop looking for answers and go create your own!


“Stop looking for answers and go create your own.”

After a periode of time when I indulge myself with the idea that I have some words of wisdom to share, that my insights matter to others, I always come to a point where I can see very clearly that the only thing I do is indeed indulge myself and talk to myself.

I’m sure that some frases, some words or lines help others to clearify their own ideas and thought. I know from experience that reading a book about a certain subject can have an enormous influence on how you see, feel and experience life and that those specific words in that particular book managed to just hit the right nail on the head so you could identify with what was written and with your own perspective on htat particular matter.
But it all comes back to one point of focus and that is your own. It’s the enlignment of frequences for that single moment that makes it possible for you to receive exactly that what you want to receive. Your attention will never be drown to something you did not wish for consciuously or unconsciously.

The interesting turn in this matter is that with this insight, this knowledge, you can understand that at all times it is you who makes your truth, you create your learning materials, your insights and your teachings.

Only you create the circumstances to accept and receive teachings or insights. Someone from your surrounding might have some trigger material for you to wake up that particular part of you but who was it that brought this someone into your experience? Yes, that was you. It all might see and feel as coincidence, right timing or perfect path crossing, that you stumble up on this person that just told you your new truth. But it is not!

So dear me and dear all,


Take, listen, read and create everything with the knowledge that it is and always was you who is the master of your reality.
Isn’t that a joyful thing to know... :-)

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