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Finding one’s self has become one of the most recalled things to do over the years. A number on your bucket list. A thing you have to do. Whether you took that conclusion yourself or you were inspired to do this by a spiritual movement or teacher, maybe even by the circumstances at work. It seems that where ever you go this topic is spoken of one way or another. .

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Why Joy is so important (in Painting)

Several times during art class I tell my students how important it is to have fun in what they’re doing. I thought I could elaborate on this a bit. Often, and this doesn’t only occurs with beginners, people who paint find a moment where they sense that they are stuck.

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Right - Wrong

Last week I was being interviewed about an interesting topic: “Jesus”.
This interview took place as part of a documentary. The focus was to get different kind of perspectives together about Jesus. During this interview an interesting sub-topic appeared (which couldn’t be attended accordingly due to a lack of relevancy to the subject) that I would like to address here.
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The influence of HSP and Introvert

During the last few month something interesting took place. Since more than 6 month I was experiencing some difficulties while practicing the part-time job I have working with children.It started with being confronted with the idea that I should be more interactive with my co-workers. According to..

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Stop Looking

“Stop looking for answers and go create your own.”

After a periode of time when I indulge myself with the idea that I have some words of wisdom to share, that my insights matter to others..

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To describe what I want to share is hard. Sometimes, the topic I want to focus on is energy, it’s shapeless and always changing. That is the main lead I have here...

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