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What is iaido?

When I read the article written by A. van de Wijngaart 7 -dan Renshi, I immediately recognized the dilemma on how to describe what iaido exactly is. How do you explain to an outsider what iaido is? And more specifically, what it means for you personally...

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Food, Nutrition or Energy

More and more we come to be aware of the sensitivity of food and how we respond to it. Tests are done and many conclusions are made. But an important aspect seem to be ignored...
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Sport & Exercise

A full workout program for you.
Here is a full workout program I developed some years ago. Take note that it might be hard to start but wait untill you're in it...

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personal Perspective

I wanted to write about an interesting phenomenon that seems to affect how we experience and more important how we perform iaido. Now, up front I would like..

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Non Verbal Transfer

Last Sunday I attended the last national iaido training for 2015.
We, the group of sandan and higher, were delighted to receive the teachings from Sensei André Schiebroek who just recently came back from Japan...

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