Paintings - Conceptions


The absence of information was elementary. By using big sized frames and painting only clouds, skies, some trees or falling leafs, there was a clear message: A sense of beauty and purity that is closer to the inner nature of mankind than the current events that surround us and are only temporary. A pure sense of beauty is timeless and universal, with the Conceptions you receive the ability to see beauty again as something pure that is linked directly with us. The Conceptions have a clear visual and emotional connection with my fascination for the Japanese Ukiyo-e (Woodblock prints) and Zenga (Zen Buddhist ink drawings) in their characteristic use of space and emptyness.The typical framework that is used within the Japanese art can clearly be seen in the Conception and also in the later Lolita series. It is an ennobled expression of the representation of an idea, encapsulating the Japanese quality of ennobling everything that is surrounding us.


  • Date : Between 2001 and 2012
  • Medium : Oil on Linen
  • Technique : Glazing
  • Availability : Please contact me
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