Paintings - Lolita's


The Lolita’s represent innocence, defying the viewer with the strength of their youth. Youth in our times is almost exclusively confronted with an empty sort of ambition within the economic system in which they are supposed to find a place for their future. Their imagination about life and how to express and experience it (may) exist only in their spare time, which is already becoming less. Virtually their entire education is set to prepare and to have a secure future. With the Lolita´s Alexander speaks to our vital life force in which there is still room to create a kind of gentle fantasy world where everything is still possible. There, all the attention can still go to the refinement of that which surrounds and fascinates us. The strength of the Lolita´s is the power of their innocence, the power to choose what is alive in one’s heart. The times are especially difficult for young people, it requires great strength to choose an idealistic path which in their circumstances can be seen as uncertain or misplaced because the choice reveals their own fantasy world rather than a world which has been created for them.


  • Date : Between 2007 and 2012
  • Medium : Oil on Linen
  • Technique : Glazing
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