Latest Custom Saya

Latest Custom Saya

The latest commissions for custom saya.

The Latest Custom Saya

I received two really nice commissions for making custom saya.
The first saya you see (black with red) has a beautiful deep shine and includes a mon that is used for his dojo.
From the koiguchi to the kojiri the saya declines in size which gives it a rather dynamic feeling.

The second saya you see here is an repaired sya with a new lacquer. The owner gave me the previlige to experiment with the lacquer which resulted in a beautiful combination of dark background with gold / blue shiny parts in it. I used several layers of transparent lacquer and flakes of gold leaves which where than covered again with a transparent blue. it gives a great depth.

The third saya is a custom made red lacquer with a rather authentic saya. it is strong and a bit robust looking. The Koiguchi, Kojiri and the kurigata are made from real buffelo horn.

Are you interested in a custom made saya or perhaps your saya needs a repair?
Don't hesitate to contact me for inquiry and to see what I can do for you.