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About Studio Iskander


It has never been the subject that determines the direction. It has always been the sense of being present which was padding the way.

In earlier years, the abstract ideas within the concept of human existence seem to have created a stern but unfulfilling debate within the work of Alexander. Through refining the process and finding a more deliberate connection with his work, he melted his skills with a deeper sense of wholeness that, since the start of the conception, has imbedded a strong and noticeable direction in his work.

The beauty and fulfillment lies in the seemingly constant movement within the emptiness. It is an inevitable path which is being explored through the ability to express our unlimited ideas of being through the medium of painting.

Besides using the brush I also use the write, that is. Beside the fact that I recently finished my first novel, I have been writing several articles on different topics. Interested to have a read? I invite you to have a look at the blog.


2020 - NOW

- Exhibition at Gallery SheArt, Nuenen
- Exhibition at "By Leth", Emmen
- Patricipating television program: Sterren op het doek

2019 - 2018

- exhibition, gallery Pictura, Aijen (limburg)
- Art fair, Naarden, gallery de vreugd & Hendriks
- exhibition, SheArt, Nuenen
- exhibition, Kunsthuys, Best
- Open Art Fair, Utrecht

2017 - 2016

- Open Art Fair, utrecht
- Art Fair, Westeinderplassen, Aalsmeer
- exhibition, Kunsthuys, Best
- exhibition, SheArt, Nuenen
- movie production: the Outlaw, Ferdinand van Dam.
- Commission: Colliding Worlds.


- Art fair, Westeinderplassen, Aalsmeer
- AAF, London, Engeland
- Art fair ADAF, Amsterdam -
Book publication: hedendaags Realsime
- Exhibition gallery Artatra, Zandvoort
- Exhibition gallery den Dun, Oisterwijk


- Exhibition gallery Pictura, Aijen (Limburg)
- Open Art Fair,
- International Art Fair, Kensington Gore, Engeland
- Expositie gallery Pictura, Aijen (Limburg)


- Exhibition gallery Living Art, Den Bosch
- Exhibition gallery Pictura, Aijen (Limburg)
- International Art Fair, Kensington Gore, Engeland
- AAF, London, Engeland
- AAF, Amsterdam
- Summer exhibition, Gallery Inter media Art, Nijmegen


- Exhibition gallery Artatra, Zandvoort
- Glas en kunst – Goirle, by Giga Gallery
- Exhibition gallery Living Art, Den Bosch
- Exhibition gallery Pictura, Aijen (Limburg)
- Open Art Fair, Utrecht
- “the model” exhibition gallery Pictura, Aijen (Limburg)



I invite you for commissioning me to make a portrait. A portrait is a memory to remember, a fulfilling manifest of someone you care about, love or adore. Feel free to have a look at my recent work to get an idea

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Other Commissions

p>Please take in mind that each commission is taken with great care and consideration. Making a painting takes time, is one of a kind, made with the best materials and intentions. Each order is either delivered from door tot door (Netherlands, Part of belgium and Germany) or will be shipped in a wooden crate.

The given prices are estimations. Each painting is unique. Actual prizes will be mentioned in a not binding offer.

starting from €750

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