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Having fun while painting

About having fun and how it is tackled by our thought system

Several times during art class I tell my students how important it is to have fun in what they’re doing. I thought I could elaborate on this a bit. Often, and this doesn’t only occurs with those who start painting, people who paint find a moment where they sense that they are stuck. This can happen because of not understanding the technique, blocked by trying to much to understand...

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The world behind objects is more than a first glance

Within the history of art, still life has a long line covered. Although still life, as we know it now, mostly has its origin in the 16th and 17th century, already during Roman times we see still lives used as decoration in roman villas. Due to the fact that until the 16th century oil paint was not used, hardly any painting, such as still life, survived the test of time. Only through the discovery of a paint with an oil base we can now still enjoy paintings of that period. The display of products or attributes was rather unusual during the 16th and 17th century. Painting in general had either...

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The journey from a view small stories to a novel

It started a long time ago, when I was about twenty years of age, that I began to write. At first it where little stories, ideas that came to mind and later...during my time at the academy of Art...whole philosophical papers which, so I discovered later, came to existence through automatic writing. An interesting fact that it would become one of the ingredients of my first novel. It happened when I got a job at a secondary school where...

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The marvelous world of painting outside

You paint, or perhaps you don't, and you would like to start painting outside. Never done it before but somehow you feel the calling. So, you gather your newly bought field easel, your paint brushes and smaller tubes of paint because you prepared yourself well and don’t want to carry extra load, and head of to a local spot of beauty to paint. The weather is awesome, the birds are singing, butterflies are playfully flying around and you feel good. You prepare your mini pallet, have a quick drink of water and are ready to start. Then it hits you, you never done this before. How do you start? You have so many years of experience, you know your stuff, but somehow...

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