When words become master

the journey from a view small stories to a novel


It feels a bit weird, to write about something I wrote, but I do want to say a thing or two about something I've been working on in the last fifteen years. More actually, but the last fifteen years were spent on actually creating a story...a choice. (Or so I say...:)

It started when I was a teenager at the age of eighteen, nineteen years old, and felt the need to write down my feelings, my thoughts and whatever was coming to my mind. At first everything I wrote was kind of cheesy, the things you might expect from a teenager struggling with everything he felt and experienced in life, but when this passed and a more creative way of writing was exposed, I started to write little stories. A remarkable thing happened…something I only realized much later…at certain points, or moments, I felt I was sort of falling into a kind of borderless space in which I didn’t think anymore about what I was writing or what I wanted to write, but the words seem to ‘appear’ on paper, the sentences were sort of writing themselves.
As said, much later I learned that this is called automatic writing and that it is a state in which you open yourself for anything that comes to ‘your’ mind. I never took the effort to fully understand what this automatic writing was suppose to be or how I could ‘manage’ it. I didn’t need to, Whenever I wanted to write, my fantasy was opening up and the words were coming. Writers-block was (still) unknown to me and for that matter…I didn’t saw myself as a writer…still don’t although I wrote a novel of four hundred pages :).

Anyway, as I mentioned, I started writing little stories…I think I wrote around eight stories in total…which all ended up somewhere in a drawer until I, at some point, found them again and started reading them. Some of these stories, such as “The Pencil” were funny and a bit strange (I even competed in a local writers competition), but others were more compelling which made me think that it might be interesting to start writing again.
So I did. And to my own surprise, a couple of years later, I started to have the first raw chapters of the novel “Cain”.
After those ‘couple of years’ there was a stop in my writing. I don’t remember why this happened. What I do remember is, that when I started to read all those chapters some years later, that for the first time I wanted to finish this story that now had become a “book”, a novel.

The story: Cain

Cain is a young boy who happened to have been put on a journey that would shape and determine his life. The story begins when Cain meets is mentor who helps him in discovering the basics of who and what he is. At first it all goes faster than Cain can grasp, but eventually he finds his way and learns to trust his abilities and destiny. He meets several interesting characters who, in their own way, have or will be influenced, by the presence of Cain. Their lifes are either molted in such a way that it will lead them to a conjunction with Cain, or they come to a point where they will know that they have to join Cain in his journey.

Although the story about Cain is fiction, a fantasy that came to life within my mind, it depicts many events that have been experienced by my self. One of the ‘reasons’ for me to write this story has been to describe certain ‘insights’ I experienced throughout my life that helped me to see, and experience, the world, my life and life itself, more ‘clear’. At a certain point in my life, I made a conscious choice…for as far as I could/can be ‘conscious’…that I wanted to wake up. I felt, I saw, that I was ‘sleeping’, that how my life was, wasn’t real, wasn’t actual true. What I mean by these words, I have tried to describe in the novel.

Is the novel already published?

At this very moment I’m putting the last revising before sending it to some publishers. From there on out it is waiting with the hope that one publisher will actually find the interest to publish it.
If you’re interested in the book or would like to be informed when the novel is indeed being published, let me know and you will be notified when times come.